Welcome to the store! We have CDs and T-shirts for sale. Free sticker with every order! Great for sticking on stuff. Between 4th and 8th April, you can still place orders, but we won't be able to dispatch anything until Gav and I get back from sunny Copenhagen. It's sunny there, right??? Any orders will be posted as soon as we get back, on the Saturday morning (promise!)

...Great for listening to! Click on each image to enlarge view and see track list.


The Book Of Quests E.P. (2015) - £4

The Book Of Quests  EP (2015): 1. My Good King 2. Mad Mozart 3. Blessed Be Thy Name 4. Regicide 5. Lament 6. The Castle Walls

Critical Hits Album (2014) - £6

Critical Hits: 1. MOAT 2. Elves & Wizards 3. Suspense Music 4. Rat Baguette 5. Ladders In The Maze 6. The Beast Is Dead 7. The Butler's Choice 8. Professor Consequence 9. Stop Being Silly! 10. Ten Billion


...Great for wearing!

White tee/Purple Logo: £10 - sizes S, M, L, XL